At, we believe in organic and healthy living. Since our goal is to promote this way of life, we have created a scholarship program for university students. 

 We'll be offering one time scholarship every 2 months. The winner will be able to pick whether he/she wants a 200$ gift card on amazon or a brand new juicer. This scholarship is available for full time students only, country of residence isn't important. The application deadline for the next one is February 7th 2017.

How to Apply?

  There are 2 steps on our application process. First -  you need to pick one of the broad topics below and produce a 500 word long essay on it. Keep in mind, that you will need to give your essay a custom title (!). Second - share this page on social media. 

1. My 3 Steps to a GMO Free Lifestyle

2.​ Juice cleansing - a detox therapy for body

3. ​Vegetables as an alternative protein source

 * It is important that you have written this  yourself, every essay that we'll find plagiarized will be discarded immediately.

  When you're done with the essay -  save it as .docx file and upload it to our site via contact form below. Put your real name, email address in their corresponding places. For subject use the topic you've chosen to write about.

​It is important to get these fields right, as we'll contact the winner through his/ her's email.

If you happen to have some questions regarding this scholarship program, feel free to contact us via our contacts page, which you can find on our footer. We'll be glad to help you!

Thank you,

Colspressjuicer365 Team