Omega VRT Juicer Reviews  And Comparison


  Juicing is one of the best things you can do to improve your health. Some find it life changing. There are so many choices you can make when looking for your next juicer, the search can become confusing.

When looking for a juicer quality is important. I’ve been juicing for years now and find quality always beats a low-cost juicer model that doesn’t last. Enter the Omega juicers. I like the Omega juicers because they’re effective and the design is great (it’s not just about looking good, the amount of space a juicer takes up matters!).

Most importantly, Omega juicers last a long time after repeated daily use.Another important quality to keep in mind is the kind of juicing you will mostly be doing. Not all Omega juicers are the same. They are not priced the same and have different features.Read on to see some brief reviews of 4 great Omega juicers.

Perks of an Omega Vertical Juicer


  The Omega vertical juicer reviews below go in more detail. But the biggest benefit of these juicers are the vertical design. Obvious right? Well there’s more to it than just look and space-saving benefits.

Many vertical juicers are centrifugal, which is the faster, motor-sounding juicers that are faster and easier to use. But these Omega juicers are not centrifugal juicers.

These Omega vertical juicers are known as masticating aka cold press juicers. Meaning their speed is slower, but the extraction is more pure and yields more juice. The corkscrew blade (known as an auger) grinds the produce rather than chopping at a high speed.

Typically if you’re a beginner to juicing, a centrifugal is the way to go. Then when you have more experience get a masticating juicer for superior juicing features and juice. Well, With an Omega you could skip to a well-priced masticating juicer instead (a great affordable beginner Omega juicer is featured below).

The great thing about the Omega juicers are the combined features:

  • The slower but better masticating style motor.
  • Vertical space-saving design.
  • Couple these two together and you have a premium Omega juicer.

Omega Vertical Juicer Reviews: The Line Up

Although there are more affordable juicers on the market, Omega provides high-quality juicers that will last at a wide-range of price levels. Here I looked at 4 Omega vertical juicers that all provide the same basic function, but have slightly different qualities that can be tweaked to your individual lifestyle.

Omega VRT 330

omega vert juicer

  This is the moderate-priced option of these 4 here. It has all the basic features of a premium Omega juicer I’ve come to expect over the years. It’s just a high quality appliance.

Like all these juicers here, it’s better if you cut and dice up all your produce before putting it in the feeder. But, it’s especially important for the VRT330 because of its smaller feeder diameter.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key features:

  • Slow speed
  • Squeezes juice -- better taste/more nutrients
  • You do need to cut up produce before putting in; small mouth feeder
  • 2 colors -- white and silver

Omega VRT330S

omega vrt 330s

  The Omega VRT330S is similar to the VRT330 above with one big (really it’s a small!) difference. Its size is substantially smaller (that’s what the ‘S’ stands for). This is the most affordable of the juicers reviewed here. With the price set at 199.99, it’s a tempting price point for an premium entry-level juicer.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key features:

  • Slow speed
  • Auto-cleaning system; easy to clean parts
  • Most affordable 4 options
  • Smallest footprint of the 4
  • Most Affordable and Best for the Price and Features Available

Omega VSJ 843RS

omega vsj843rs

This is the most expensive and feature rich juicer out of all theat we’re reviewing today : the Omega Vertical Juicing System VSJ843RS. It’s quite the mouthful and the VSJ843RS can definitely handle anything you throw into it.

The top of the line features more than make up for its high-price level. Features that allow you to blend your juices together before they release, and better formed pulp let you get more out of your juicing.

Here’s the rundown of these features:

  • Slow speed
  • Pulp ejector spout
  • Juice flap (blends juices together)
  • Tighter fit strains more juice and breaks down fiber better

Omega VRT350

omega vrt

This is our Numeber One vertical juicer out of these 4 featured in these Omega vrt juicer reviews. The Omega VRT350 is one of the two moderate juicers of these 4 omega vert juicer reviews. It’s a heavy duty vertical juicer. This appliance is a true work of juicing magic. In terms of personal daily use, not much else beats this one.

The VRT350 has most of the features of the more expensive VSJ843RS but at the same price range as the VRT330. If you plan on juicing for a long time, and don’t want to go all out on a very expensive juicer with every feature out there, this is the one to get.

The main features are the best for the dollar here:

  • Slow speed
  • Squeezes juice -- better taste/more nutrients
  • You do need to cut up produce before putting in; small mouth feeder
  • 2 colors -- white and silver

In conclusion:

  After reading through these Omega vert juicer reviews, hopefully you’ve found a juicer perfect for your needs at the best price. Out of these four, the VRT330S is the best for the price and available features. But the number best is the Omega VRT350 for the most features and heavy duty long-term daily use, and the moderate-high price isn’t out of the range of possibility if you plan on juicing for a long time. You must think of this purchase as an investment.

This is something you will have for two plus years. Omega’s long warranty (10-15 years) is a long time for any company to cover a product. Most companies may not even be making the same product after 5 years! Omega will cover most of these juicers for 10, and all new models for 15. This is a great deal.Omega has a quality line of juicers you won’t be disappointed with no matter which you end up choosing.