Omega NC900HDC review - It's a Beast!

omega NC900HDC reviews

Built Quality

Durable plastic  materials, which can easily be replaced by 15 yr warranty

Ease of cleaning

Easy cleanup, as long as cleaned immediately


High end price

  Juicing has been a game changer for so many people looking to improve their overall health. The benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables are amazing to begin with, but to be able to drink 5 different types of fruits and vegetables at once in less than 5 minutes is even better.

The reason I am writing this Omega NC900HDC review is because I want you,  to understand why this juicer is such a kitchen-cornerstone. The Omega NC900HDC is a “must have” horizontal cold press juicer that you can add to your arsenal of health kicking weaponry. This nut-crushing, rind-grinding, green machine would make juice out of your smartphone (although highly not recommended!).

Masticating VS Centrifugal

centrifugal-vs-cold-press Now before I even go into detail about the newest member of the Omega juicer family, I must give you a 2 cent science lesson. Centrifugal and masticating are the two best types of juicers in today’s market. The centrifugal juicer, like the Hamilton Beach – Big Mouth Juice Extractor spins your fruits and vegetables at around 10,000 RPMs inside of a mesh chamber, like a fancy blender. The “centrifugal” force separates the juice from the fruit, so in the end you are left with a nice frothy beverage.

Don’t let the froth deceive you! Studies have shown that the oxidation, (which occurs during the centrifugal juicing process) actually destroys nutrients that the fruit or vegetable so generously carried inside of it for you. The cold press style juicer on the other hand, like Omega, slowly crushes and grinds fruits and veggies into a juice that retains all of its nutrients, (and has a longer shelf life in your fridge!).

Easy To Use!

  omega nc900hdc nutrition systemNow, in my Omega NC900HDC review, I want to share with you how easy it really is to use. Unlike other Omega NC900HDC reviews where people claim it is complicated to set up and use, I will tell you this; all you have to do is take it out of the box, attach the already-assembled feed chute, maybe skim through the user’s manual quick, plug it in and start juicing. The feed chute is larger than its predecessors (1½ by 2 inches) which means you can juice larger pieces of fruits and vegetables

 As well as having a larger feed chute, it also has an adjustable end cap with 5 settings; 1 for softer fruits and 5 for harder vegetables, such as wheatgrass. The adjustable end cap allows for more juice extraction per different type of produce, i.e. you end up with more juice than you were able to get out of the older Omega Low Speed Juicing Systems. So pick your mix, start feeding the chute, then watch as the juice pours into one container, while what’s left of the produce gets pushed out into a separate container.

If you want to see the Omega NC900HDC in action, watch this YouTube video –

Easy To Maintain!

omega nc900hdc brushA nice little touch to the Omega NC900HDC Juicer is that it comes with a little brush for cleaning the juicing screen (as my grandpa used to say, it’s all about the little things).

A lot of Omega NC900HDC reviews leave out the fact that everything that needs to be maintained, (cleaned) like the hopper, auger and feed chute assembly, disassembles with ease; pretty much everything comes apart with a quarter turn.

The outer shell, which is made up of chrome-colored plastic, makes for an easy clean up. No special stainless steel cleaner required! That is, unless you decide to upgrade to the Omega NC900HDSS (SS standing for Stainless Steel, I would presume). The price difference is around 400$ and it may not be worth it for most, unless you absolutely love stainless steel.

The Good

  • The 1 ½ by 2 inch feeding chute allows for larger pieces of produce to be juiced
  • The entire unit weighs only 13 lbs.
  • The outer shell is made up of a chrome-colored plastic which makes for an easier clean up
  • It’s a Masticating Juicer, which preserves more nutrients than any other style juicer in today’s market
  • The Omega NC900HDC model comes with a 15 year warranty
  • The 2 HP motor has whisper quiet operation
  • All plastics are BPA free
  • 5 adjustable settings to get more juice out of your fruits and vegetables
  • Can be used as a food processor, coffee grinder, pasta maker, etc.
  • Uses only 150 Watts, which is about the same power consumption as a small television.

The bad

  • It is a bit pricy
  • It’s a bit bulky at 6 ½ inches Wide by 14 ½ inches Deep by 15 ½ inches High

Some Questions Answered

It can be a little confusing when trying to distinguish between the different generations Omega juicers have to offer. The NC series are 6th generation models and the 8007-8008 are 5th generation. If you are interested in the NC900, that is all you need to know!

The difference between Omega 8008 and this one?

Well besides having a bigger feed chute, the Omega NC900HDC has 5 adjustment settings on the end cap that increases the amount of juice you get, and uses 50 less Watts. To figure out the best adjustment setting for each individual fruit or vegetable, it is going to be entirely dependent on the hardness or softness of the produce you use. It is going to take a little bit of experimenting.

Some people ask if the Omega NC900HDC comes with a warranty.

The juicer DOES come with a 15 year warranty, you can find more information on their website. Another question I have asked myself and found the answer to is, why is the Omega NC900HDSS so much more expensive than the Omega NC900HDC? Well the answer is actually quite simple, the HDC (C standing for Chrome) and the HDSS (SS standing for Stainless Steel) have all the same features, except for the outer shell. The HDC is made up of chrome colored plastic and the HDSS is stainless steel.

To Sum It Up

  I hope this Omega nc900 review helped you on your wise research ventures for what juicer to purchase. I know after my wife and I upgraded to the Omega NC900HDC, we were very pleased with our decision and have been using it every day. We use it to make baby food for our 9 month old son and that saves us a lot on our grocery bill. Ever since we started juicing, we have had more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing. I recommend the Omega NC900HDC to anyone looking to get the most bang for their buck as well as the most juice out of their produce. So the next time life throws you lemons, throw those bad boys in the NC900 and call it a day!