Omega 8004 Juicer - The Pros and The Cons

white omega j8004 juicer

Built Quality

Strong construcion, made from hard GE plastic

Ease of cleaning

Several of the juicer components are dishwasher safe, meaning easy cleanup.


Cheaper than alternatives

  The Omega j8004 is among the best juicers on the market, and can provide lots of health benefits to users at a low price, while offering several other interesting features.

In this Omega J8004 review, you will learn how to use the machine, how it looks and feels, the pros and cons of key features, and how to make sure that your juicer lasts past its 15-year warranty.

You’ll also get answers to common questions from customers shopping for juicers, and learn about the way that its functioning contributes to even more health benefits than other products like it.

The benefits of juicing

  omega 8004 reviewJuicing is widely known as an excellent way to get necessary nutrients from fruits and vegetables in an easy-to-absorb way. Raw fruits and vegetables offer many more health benefits than their cooked counterparts, and the high water content in these foods allows them to pass on nutrients through juicing.

It’s an easy, fun, and effective way to stay healthy! This juicer also has several other functions, such as mincing vegetables, making pasta, grinding nut butter, and even making baby food!

Assembly and use

  omega juicer 8004Assembly is very easy. Make sure you haven’t plugged in the juicer yet when assembling or switching out components for different uses. To put the juicer together, first attach the funnel and “drum” (the white L-shaped part) to the “housing” (base) unit. Then, insert the auger (screw-like component), juicing screen, and the end cap. You’re ready to go!

            Plug in the machine, turn it on, and slowly feed your fruits and vegetables into the funnel (make sure you’ve attached the collection bowl so that something’s there to catch your juice!). You’ll notice that this juice doesn’t have foam on top. Keep in mind, this model is a cold press juicer, which means it maximizes available nutrients in your produce for the best possible product.

            Once assembled, you’ll note that the juicer is slim at about a 7” width, but reaches almost 16” and 15”, respectively, for length and height. The small size and versatile features combined make this tool a size-effective choice for your kitchen. At 15 pounds, you’ll easily be able to move it from any shelf to your countertop for use.

Positives and negatives

The Good

  • Because it’s a masticating juicer, the Omega j8004 will not heat up the juice, which can cause oxidation and zap some of those vitamins right you’re your fruit and vegetables. This means that more nutrients go from the feed chute straight into the container for your consumption.
  • The strong plastic construction, made of super-hard GE plastic, also moves juice through without losing any of its natural health benefits
  • You’ll notice that the pulp coming out of the juicer is extremely dry, which underscores the claim that the Omega j8004 produces a lot of juice for the amount of produce.
  • Running at 80rpm, this slow juicer extracts much more juice than other products on the market. Produce also retains its color and fresh taste!
  • The Omega j8004 contains several different attachments as noted above, so it’s far more than a one-use machine!
  • At just over $200, this juicer is a steal for its quality and production. Other juicers can cost $100-$1,000 more!
  • You can store any juice you make for up to 72 hours, and won’t get the unpleasant foam/juice separation that you’ll get from other juicers, so if you make a big batch of juice one day, you can still safely and deliciously consume it the next.
  • With a 15-year warranty, this juicer is sure to last a long time.

The bad

  • Because of its single-gear construction, the juicer will not produce as much juice as other double-gear models. However, in one Omega j8004 review, a user noted that this can be overcome by simply running your produce through the machine 2-4 times.)
  • The feed tube is pretty narrow, which means you might have to push some produce through a little more forcefully than on other machines. Several Omega j8004 reviews note this challenge. The L-shape can also make it difficult to clean out if things get jammed. Moreover, you’ll need to prepare your vegetables by chopping them up in small enough pieces to fit through the feed, which will cost some extra prep time.
  • More than one Omega 8004 juicer review also noticed that the juicing screen, too, is small, which means it can get clogged pretty quickly, requiring some users to clean it multiple times during one episode of usage.
  • One reviewer reported that some plastic broke off and showed up in the juice, which is absolutely not what they were looking for in the end-product!
  • If something breaks, it sometimes takes a long time to replace parts – sometimes even months.

Answers to common questions

• For those south of the equator, the juicer is usable, but will run counter-clockwise instead of clockwise to extract juice.

• The later 8006 model is more expensive, and has a chrome coating over its plastic body. Most reviewers said there aren’t any other significant differences between the two.

• Much like other Omerga juicers, this is also easy to use and clean, and is a better buy than a centrifugal (vertical feed) juicer like Breville.

• This juicer is also easy to disassemble and can be quickly hand-washed. As noted above, many components are also dishwasher-safe, for even easier and disinfecting.

• You can use any kind of leafy green in this juicer, including wheatgrass.