Juicepresso Cold Press Juicer   - Should  You Get it?

juicepresso reviews

Built Quality

High quality BPA free plastic with 7yr warranty, however some inner parts are less durable

Ease of cleaning

Easy cleanup. One of the rare juices that's dishwasher safe


Premium price

  Everyone knows how important it is to eat fruits and vegetables. But most of us struggle to fit the daily-recommended servings into a single day. For some, juicing, the process of extracting nutritious liquid from solid produce, is the answer to this problem.

In this Juicepresso review, I’m going to talk about the appliance’s merits. I’ll discuss unique features of the juicer and its pros and cons. I’ll also describe how the juicer works and how to take care of it. Most importantly, I’ll answer the question of whether or not the Juicepresso is worth the money. 

Product Specs

juicepresso review

  The most salient fact about the Juicepresso is that it’s a masticating juicer. That means it operates by crushing produce with an auger and then spinning it at a very slow speed–about 40 RPM. This helps masticating juicers reduce oxidation and foaming during the juicing process, which leads to more nutritious, longer-lasting juice. It also leads to higher juice production than alternative methods, though it is more time-consuming. If you’re looking to maximize the health benefits of juicing, this is a good model for you.

The Juicepresso cold press juicer measures 6’x8”x14”. It’s one of the taller juicers on the market, and at 14.5 pounds, it’s one of the heaviest as well. This is actually a good thing–you want a juicer to be heavy enough that it doesn’t slide around when in use. Its vertical design helps economize counter space, which is always a positive.

The health-conscious will be glad to know that the Juicepresso is constructed with BPA-free plastics. After all, most people drink fresh juice to improve their health, not expose themselves to toxins!


Juicepresso Cold Press Juicer

  The Juicepresso isn’t complicated to set up. It should come with seven pieces–the base, drum, screw, top, a cleaning brush and two pitchers. Place the drum (the part with two chutes, one for pulp and one for juice) on top of the base. Place the three-in-one smart extraction system (it looks like a screw with a mesh screen on it) in the center of the device, directly above the motor. The hopper (the tube through which you feed the produce) goes on top of the drum. In order to use the juicer, it has to be in the “closed” position.

Before juicing, remember to place the two pitchers underneath the juice and pulp shoots. When you start feeding produce into the machine, these pitchers will catch the respective juice and refuse.

If you’re interested in a visual demonstration of the assembly process, check out this helpful tutorial.

Using the Juicer

  If assembling a juicer is easy, using one is a no-brainer. The Juicepresso is gravity-fed, which means you don’t have to actively force produce into the hopper in most cases. The exception is when juicing leafy greens, which will either need manual help descending into the hopper or to be sandwiched between juicier produce–think cucumbers or apples.

Once the machine is set up, turn it on and begin feeding produce into the hopper. The juicer will crush produce and spin the liquid out of the chute on the right. The chute on the left will slowly discharge dried pulp. The dryness of the pulp indicates the effectiveness of the juicer. If any produce gets stuck within the hopper, put the Juicepresso into reverse until it knocks it back down.

Don’t throw the pulp away! It can be used for cooking with baked goods.

Easy Cleanup

  One of the best features of the Juicepresso is its easy cleanup process. To clean, simply disassemble the juicer and clean the parts. Unlike many juicers, all of its pieces can be run through a dishwasher, with the exception of the base. However, I’d still recommend that you wash the components by hand. For the best results, don’t wait too long after juicing to clean the device. Doing so will lead to bits of pulp drying on the juicer, which are a pain to clean.

Positives and negatives

The Good

  • Quiet–the slow speed of the Juicepresso makes for a less noisy juicing process than normal.
  • Less foam–the slow speed of the juicer creates minimal foaming and yields more juice than competing models.
  • Seven-year warranty – even though it’s not as long as some others, seven years is a good amount of time.
  • Space-saving – the vertical design of the juicer is conducive to economizing counter space.
  • Easy to clean–the three-in-one extraction system makes for far fewer pieces, and thus an easier cleanup.
  • Easy assembly – in the same vein, the simple design of the juicer lends itself to quick assembly/disassembly.

The bad

  • Expensive -  these juicers don’t come cheap. Platinum, the upgraded version is additional money
  • Slow–admittedly, one of the side effects of a slow-speed juicer is that it’s, well, slow. Centrifugal juicers, for example Breville which operate at higher RPM, can make the same amount of juice in less time.
  • Difficulty with hopper – other people have told me the hopper can be difficult to remove.

The Conclusion

  If you’re serious about juicing, the Juicepresso is the way to go. It’s definitely on the expensive side, but health enthusiasts will recognize the benefits that come along with the investment. Besides, while $400+ for a kitchen appliance might sound pricey, the truth is that is most cases quality juicers don’t really get too much cheaper.

I would recommend the Juicepresso to anyone looking for a convenient and easy way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet. The design is simple and elegant and it operates with minimal hassle.

The Juicepresso is made by a reputable company–Coway Korea–and comes with a seven-year warranty. Consumers can feel good about their purchase knowing that they’ll be covered in the event that something goes wrong.

Once you start using this juicer, you’ll find that there’s virtually no limit to what you’ll want to juice. There are endless fruits and vegetables that you can combine to enhance your diet or just create new, exciting flavors of juice. If you were on the fence before, I hope this Juicepresso review was helpful and informative.