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Drinking fresh-pressed juices can have some amazing benefits to your body, such as:

  • Boosting your body immunity to diseases
  • Prevention of cancer
  • Getting rid of pathogens from your body
  • Losing weight 

But did you know there are different types of juicers?

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  Most users prefer the cold press juicer to the centrifugal juice extractor. There is no heat production in the cold press juicer. Thus, the juice's fresh ingredients and nutrients are not damaged. One company that has perfected the art of making cold press juicers is Hurom. Hurom have a State-Of-The-Art patented Slow Squeezing Technology. They have developed a range of cold press juicer models.

All of the Hurom models use the Low-Speed Technology System (LSTS) to extract juices from fruits and vegetables. These masticating juicers press the solids in a “mortar-and-pestle” manner to extract juice. A densely colored juice with high amounts of essential minerals and vitamins is extracted. With this ability, Hurom slow juicers are somewhat superior compared to other slow juicers in the market such as the Omega series.

In this Hurom juicer review I am going to outline the features of the different Hurom slow juicer models;

Hurom Premium HH series

  This is a premium slow juicer and smoothie maker as well. When I used this slow juicer, I was fascinated by its working and its features too. Its noiseless operation is efficient; you don’t need to apply extra force in shoving the fruits and vegetables into the slow juicer. Instead, its auger sucks the fruits and vegetables and gives out the juice on its own.

The Hurom HH Series comes with the standard Hurom features such as:

  • A 10-year warranty
  • The slow squeezing technology
  • The BPA-free plastic parts

Advanced features such as the provision for you to control your pulp through the “coarse” and “fine” strainers. This allows you to determine the amount of fiber you want from your juices
The Hurom HH slow juicer also doubles up as a smoothie maker. You can make smoothies out of legumes such as avocado, bananas, soybeans and so much more. With this slow juicer, you will be able to get the best nutritional value out of the fruits and vegetables. The Hurom HH model’s double application will save you on the cost of acquiring a different smoothie maker and also on the space in your kitchen.

The Good

  • It is easy to clean the Hurom HH juicer because of the self-cleaning system installed in the slow juicer.
  • The slow juicer has the capability of blending several items at once
  • Directions on its use are easy to understand..
  • The slow juicer has a low noise operation.
  • Its smaller size makes the juicer ideal for use in small kitchens.
  • The juicer has a heavy duty cold-press strainer which is stronger than the other plastic strainers in the juicer unit.
  • The juicer can blend most ingredients.

The bad

  • It has a limitation in crushing frozen fruits.
  • Due to its size, you will have to chop the fruits and vegetables into smaller sizes before juicing them..

Hurom HU-100

  This model has typical Hurom juicer features. The Low-Speed Technology System which ensures minimal wastage of the vegetables and/or fruits used. With this masticating juicer, you are guaranteed optimal and quality juice extraction. Its parts are long lasting and BPA-free. This juicer has an amazing physical design, and it looks awesome. It gives out a completely drained pulp. Its efficient auger takes the fruits and vegetables in by its own.

The Hurom HU-100 does not produce much noise curing its operation. It will not irritate you with cranking noises in your kitchen.

The Good

  • With the Hurom HU-100 wastage of fruits and vegetables is minimal
  • Its compact design means it will occupy little space in your kitchen.
  • Easy and fast cleaning of the juicer as it has a self-cleaning system.
  • It has a 10 years part and service warranty.
  • This juicer retains the quality and life cycle of the juice extracted.

The bad

  • Extractions of juices from vegetables may block the juicer’s ejection tube. This makes the extraction difficult at times

Hurom Elite 

  This model is designed to add usefulness and beauty to your kitchen. It has an attractive physical design which is sleek and quality as well.

This juicer has a twin blade which significantly optimizes its performance. It also has an improved pulp lever which gives you the ability to control extraction. The juicer also has a relatively powerful motor running at 45rpm; this increases its efficiency.​

The Good

  • The Hurom Elite Slow model HH-SBB 11 is best known for its durability. This is due to the high quality of its parts.
  • Its twin blades increase its productivity.
  • Its slow extraction process ensures greatest juice production
  • The self-cleaning system installed in the juicer makes its cleaning easy.
  • The juicer has an absolutely silent mode of operation.
  • The juicer comes with a 10-year warranty.

The bad

  • The juicer does not extract frozen fruits and vegetables properly.

Hurom Fresh Press Single Auger (JP Series)

​  This juicer comes with the standard Hurom features such as the Low-Speed Technology System and the BPA-free parts.

This juicer extracts up to 35% more juice than most competitor juicers in the same series. It also has a strong strainer which enables it to process all kinds of fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Apart from producing juice this juicer can also produce different cocktails and baby food.

The Good

  • The juicer is made up of high-quality material, and it has a long life.
  • Due to its slow juicing technology, most nutrients in the fruits and vegetables are retained in the juice.
  • Its power rating of 150 watts means the machine is practically silent in its operation.
  • The juicer has a self-clean system which makes the cleaning process easy and fasty.
  • Its compact design means it saves on space.
  • It comes with a 10-year warranty.

The bad

  • The juicer exhibits reduced performance when extracting frozen fruits and vegetables.

So which Hurom Slow Juicer is The Best?

  Juicing these days is not only healthy it is also trendy. If you are out to start juicing, the best juicer to use is the slow cold press juicer since it gives out the best quality juice.

In this Hurom juicer review I have described the Hurom cold press juicer as “slow juicer”. This does not mean that the juicers have a slow operation. It means that the juicers spins slower than centrifugal ones. However, this ensures greatest juice extraction while maintaining the natural nutrients and ingredients. At the same time, it minimizes wastage.  You've probably seen other such juicers before, like Omega, Juicepresso, Super Angel or maybe Champion.

Anyhow, in the end you see, that most of the hurom juicers are similar and there are only few differences the have.​ Which ever you end up picking, remember that juicing itself is not so much about the juicer as it is about the produce you're using. Think organic!