Unbelievable Health Benefits of Cold Pressed Juice.

One of the best ways to increase your consumption of raw vegetables and fruits is drinking freshly pressed juices. Preparing and cooking a full meal with fruits and vegetables is a longer process. One can instead put the raw contents into a cold pressed juicer, which can save you time and money in a fast-paced world. A resilient way of living calls for fast and health-forward decisions. It’s not too late to notice just how obvious the health benefits of making the transition to cold pressed juice is. Many people are missing out on a healthier life because they aren’t allowing themselves some essential fresh pressed juice benefits.

Is it all Marketing?

Is it all a big marketing scheme to get us to drink cold pressed juice? Just because Blake Lively and Paula Abdul say they are doing it, why should you conform to the advertising? Behind these convincing sales tricks from celebrities, and all the savvy marketing behind companies like The Juicery Co, Netar Juicery and Galt Juice Company to get you to convert to their juice and lifestyle brands, the real health benefits of the cold pressed juice phenomenon may encourage you to transition from Minute Maid juice boxes to a more raw, organic fruit and vegetable driven diet.

The time for you to start living healthier is right now. You can do it for yourself and by yourself while saving time and gaining essential nutrients that right now, you probably aren’t getting.


Which do you prefer? A medley of high alkaline, body-stress reducing ingredients like celery, beets, ginger, apples and carrots or a conventional juice-box with unhealthy additives that often stimulate a desire for other sweets and junk food?

Note the nutritional differences while thinking about your answers.

Check to see if your selected juice is 100% organic and if there is anything else added aside from the contents mentioned in the title of the juice product. So far, the science behind cold pressed juicing is unfortunately slim, but if you are on the go and want more fruit and vegetables in your diet quickly then this is definitely for you. Keep in mind to balance all of your juice drinking with other healthy foods.

If there isn’t too much science behind it yet, why drink cold pressed juice? Are we really gaining benefits and living a healthier life if by drinking the stuff? It may take longer to extract the nutrients if you are juicing on your own, but the science cannot deny that the number of vitamins and nutrients you’ll gain can also help with weight loss and clear up skin conditions. There is no reason not to have cold pressed juice. You’re making a smart decision and doing what is best for your health.

Save Money

save moneyAside from the benefits mentioned, one can also save money by juicing on their own. The price of cold pressed juice you are getting at in your local health-conscious market may be a little bit unsettling. Why spend $10 on a bottle of juice? It’s understandable if you do not yet have the equipment to do it on your own. In that case, it’s okay to get individual juices but just keep in mind that by investing in a juicer yourself, and there are many affordable models on the market (just check Amazon, or here is a good place to start), you can choose your organic produce at your local market for a more affordable price.

And be careful with how many servings of fruits and vegetables you are using. It’s not necessary to drink all of the juice the moment you have made it! I know, it’s really delicious, but limit yourself to one cup of your mix and save the rest for later.

It might be time to break the traditional cup, or 3, of coffee each morning and begin thinking more seriously about your health. There are so many different possibilities with juicing so get creative, healthy and reap the benefits.