What you Should know about Cold Pressed Vegetable Juice?

They’re weird, green and delicious. They’re alluring, yet intimidating. Cold-pressed vegetable juice may seem like it’s only for hipsters, man-buns, and yoga girls, but cold-pressed juice is for anyone! By gaining some knowledge about the weird, green, juice you’ve always wanted to try, you can finally buy it with confidence.

Here you’ll learn exactly what cold-pressed juice is, some nutritional facts about fresh vegetable juice, and how to pick out the good stuff. You might be surprised what you’ll learn. While researching, I learned quite a bit myself. I’m excited to share what I learned with you!

Cold-Pressed Vegetable Juice – What Is It?

vegetable juiceCold-pressed vegetable juice is similar, but not quite the same as regular juice. The juice you make at home is good, but cold-pressed actually has more benefits. Cold-pressing is made by the vegetables and fruits being literally pressed by a highly powerful hydraulic. Through this method, the maximum amount of nutrients are pulled from the veggies and fruits.

When cold-press juicing at home, you would use a masticating juicer. Because these masticating juicers don’t use as much heat as a traditional juicer, the nutrients of the fruits and veggies are still intact. Masticating juicers not only preserve the most nutrients possible, but they also get more juice out of the ingredients. Really, it’s a win-win.

When considering cold-pressed vegetable juicing storage, you have to consider it’s freshness. Since the process of juicing does not include head, enzymes and vitamins are preserved. Yet, because of that, they have a shorter shelf life. Those vitamins and enzymes will only preserve for three days. Because of that, when you buy cold-pressed juice, it would have been made very recently, so know what you’re buying is fresh. When you make juice at home, it is best to drink it as soon as you can, to get the most benefits possible.

Really Good For You

We all know vegetables are good for you. The bottle of a juice might tell you the vegetable juice nutritional facts. But, did you know that vegetables actually help prevent A LOT of chronic health issues, even cancer? Scientists have been researching substances in plants for years in regards to prevention of diseases. In many places in Asia and Africa, common forms of cancer don’t even exist. The only difference? Diet. We simply don’t eat enough vegetables.vegetable juice

For example, studies have found a substance in broccoli that could prevent breast cancer. Other substances found in citrus fruit, green veggies, carrots, garlic and onions, just to name a few, all have properties that could aid in the prevention of cancer. The evidence is so strong, that the National Cancer Institute actually set out a campaign urging people to eat more fruits and veggies.

Consuming vegetable juice is a great way to introduce those much needed vegetables into your diet. There are also benefits to doing a juice cleanse and detox. Our bodies have consumed so many toxins throughout our life. So, by doing a juice cleanse, we’re flushing out those toxins and giving our body a fresh start.

How To Buy the Good Stuff

You might feel overwhelmed with all of the options when it comes to fresh cold-pressed juice. There are a few things to look for. One thing to look for is the calories in each cold-pressed vegetable juice. Jusvegetable juicet because it is fruit and vegetables, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s low calorie. Juices come in a variety of tastes. But, you want to find a juice that has no added sugars and all fresh, organic ingredients. Green leafy vegetables are going to have less calories, so you want those to take up the most space in your juice. Citrus and fruit can be added for sweetness, without adding too many calories. Kale juice has only 70 calories per 8 ounces.

When buying juice, look at the ingredients list. If you see a lot of ingredients that you’ve never heard of, you might not want to get it. The best juice for you is going to say 100% organic. It is especially important to use organic ingredients if you are detoxing your body.

Are You Ready?

The time has come. That green, weird smelling veggie juice you’ve been eying is no longer the enemy. In fact, it’s now your friend. Man-buns, hipsters and yoga girls have nothing on you. You’re the cold pressed juice master. There’s no need to be intimidated anymore. Now you can make the purchase with the knowledge of what you’re buying and all the wonderful things it can do for you. Don’t just buy one! Buy one for you mom and your best friend too! Spread the cold-pressed juice love and feel better while you do it. Go forth, and juice.