About us


Welcome to my blog. My name is Tim. I am a foodie, runner and juicing fanatic from Oregon. I actually love juicing so much, that I decided to create a blog.
I have a healthy lifestyle that includes variation of foods and meals, a balanced energy intake and as I mentioned – also physical activity. My diet includes a lot of fruits and vegetables. And I better eat and drink everything that is raw because then I know what’s going in my body.

Of course I didn’t think about my health right from the moment I was born. I’m 25 now and I started my healthy diet about 5 years ago. I think it was the time when healthy lifestyle got more popular than ever.. Some of my friends became vegetarians.. My sister was diagnosed with celiac disease but a cousin had lactose intolerance. And the best remedy was a change of diet.
Then our family started to think about everything we’re eating. Is the pleasure of eating hamburger more important than your own health? Of course no. So we decided to encourage each other and start a healthy diet that excluded everything that wasn’t good for our body.

I would be lying if I told you it was easy and everyone was supportive all the time, but time flied.. And we got accustomed. Not everyone changed their habits, for example my father. He just couldn’t stop eating sweets, sugar.. But I fell in love with healthy lifestyle.

I realized that I don’t need to start a day with a donut and end it with a slice of pizza. And why should I need to buy carbonated drinks or juice from a bottle if water is the best way to quench thirst? Than I started to read about health benefits of vegetables and fruits. And I was amazed how much vitamins are in them… So I tried different types of juices. Of course fresh juice is healthier than what we buy in a bottle (also because it has too much sugar). With a time friends started to buy me juicers as gifts on my birthdays.
And then I became an expert. So also in this blog I will mostly talk about different juicers, as I have tried so many. However if you have an idea for an interesting topic, pm me.